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Start submitting your videos February 1st!

Upload your :30 PSA between February 1-22, 2018. Upon approval, the :30 PSA(s) will be posted online, for the general public to vote. The voting period begins March 1 and goes through March 23. 

Use social media to encourage your colleagues, classmates, friends and family to vote once each day during the voting period March 1-23. The three PSA entries in each category with the most votes win! 

The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival Committee will also choose one PSA from each category for a $200 Judges Choice Award! So there are four classroom grants per category.

Voting Begins March 1, 2018

Building Character

Reach Out

Sara Sholten

1429 3145

Don't Bully, Be a Buddy

Russ Miller

198 6

Dream Big

Scott A. Galeski

21429 2259

Don't Bully, Be a Friend

Russ Miller

402 22

Stand Up

Laura Ilov

464 296

Be a Buddy Not A Bully

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

258 80

Celebrating Diversity

Be Yourself

Marcia Sgriccia

91 15

Every Apple

BCWMS Art and STEM program

211 76

Eggs of a Different Color

Russ Miller

175 466

Wonderful World

Jean Simon

220 564

Don't Judge by Appearance, But by Character

Russ Miller

67 3

Scoops of Diversity

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

187 64

Healthy Choices

Simple Steps

Charlie Jansen

695 1602

Eating Healthy

Russ Miller

54 1

Turning off the Wi-Fi

Jean Simon

147 278

Ways To Be Healthy!!

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

99 45

Life has ups and downs

Christina Cannon

120 70

Save the Snacks for Later

Russ Miller

73 2

About us

Help your classmates around the State of Michigan understand what it means to Build Character, Celebrate Diversity, and/or Promote a Healthy Living. This competition is designed for Michigan K-8th grade classrooms, with the resulting PSA's to be played in Michigan K-6 classrooms.

Enter a class-made :30 PSA (public service announcement) on one of the topics above for the viewing by a K-6 grade audience. Follow the rules/guidelines. Upload your PSA between February 1 through 22. PSA's will be online for the general public to vote beginning March 1; public voting ends March 23. You can vote more than once, but not more than once per video per day (every 24 hours).  Those with the most votes - win special classroom grants !