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Start submitting your videos February 1st!

Upload your :30 PSA between February 1-22, 2018. Upon approval, the :30 PSA(s) will be posted online, for the general public to vote. The voting period begins March 1 and goes through March 23. 

Use social media to encourage your colleagues, classmates, friends and family to vote once each day during the voting period March 1-23. The three PSA entries in each category with the most votes win! 

The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival Committee will also choose one PSA from each category for a $200 Judges Choice Award! So there are four classroom grants per category.

Voting Begins March 1, 2018

Building Character

Be a Buddy Not A Bully

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

261 80

Don't Bully, Be a Friend

Russ Miller

408 22

Dream Big

Scott A. Galeski

22447 2259

Stand Up

Laura Ilov

468 296

Reach Out

Sara Sholten

1447 3145

Don't Bully, Be a Buddy

Russ Miller

202 6

Celebrating Diversity

Eggs of a Different Color

Russ Miller

175 466

Every Apple

BCWMS Art and STEM program

211 76

Don't Judge by Appearance, But by Character

Russ Miller

67 3

Be Yourself

Marcia Sgriccia

93 15

Scoops of Diversity

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

187 64

Wonderful World

Jean Simon

220 564

Healthy Choices

Simple Steps

Charlie Jansen

697 1602


Amanda Militzer

684 1545

The Healthy Solution

BCWMS Art and STEM program

213 41

Life has ups and downs

Christina Cannon

120 70

Save the Snacks for Later

Russ Miller

73 2

Ways To Be Healthy!!

Mrs. Carrie Jeruzal

99 45

About us

Help your classmates around the State of Michigan understand what it means to Build Character, Celebrate Diversity, and/or Promote a Healthy Living. This competition is designed for Michigan K-8th grade classrooms, with the resulting PSA's to be played in Michigan K-6 classrooms.

Enter a class-made :30 PSA (public service announcement) on one of the topics above for the viewing by a K-6 grade audience. Follow the rules/guidelines. Upload your PSA between February 1 through 22. PSA's will be online for the general public to vote beginning March 1; public voting ends March 23. You can vote more than once, but not more than once per video per day (every 24 hours).  Those with the most votes - win special classroom grants !