Meijer Great Choices Junior Film Festival Terms & Conditions

Contest Rules, Tips, and Guidelines

Entries should be submitted by one individual. Only one prize will be awarded per entry.  Student may use video or animation to communicate P.S.A.

The Meijer Great Choices Junior Film Festival is open to all Michigan classrooms grades K-8. Each classroom may submit more than one public service announcement. However a classroom can only place once in each category.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP! Know Your Audience! Please select the category and target audience for your PSA.  The target audiences for this competition are students in grades K-6. Your PSA message should be age appropriate. When producing a video for younger audiences remember to keep it simple. Please remember that younger children cannot read fast so do not include lot of written copy in your PSA when targeting this audience. The film festival committee and legacy partners encourage students to demonstrate making great choices and keeping your videos positive!  

All entries must be submitted with a signed talent release form for each individual appearing in the video. This includes any on-camera actors and voiceover announcers. (this form can be found under the registration and forms button.) The schools are responsible for keeping these talent release forms.

No alcohol, drugs or tobacco can be consumed during the making of your public service announcement. P.S.A.’s that contain dangerous stunts, unsafe driving, vomiting or toilet scenes will be disqualified. You can dramatize the drinking of alcohol; use of drugs or tobacco with a non-alcoholic beverage or fake props but the container/cigarette or prop cannot touch the lips of the actor. Nothing can be consumed or smoked. Concentrate on making your message a positive one. Any video that does not adhere to these rules will be disqualified.

No brand names: All brand name labels should be removed from props and clothing.

You may not use any images that have copyrights. This includes: photographs, film footage, animation, photos from the Internet or printed materials. All movie, videogame and television footage is protected by law and cannot be used.

You may not use images of tombstones with legible names and dates on them. Entries submitted will not be returned. They may be duplicated edited and exhibited for educational or promotional purposes. Make a copy of your project before you submit it to the Meijer Great Choices Film Festival.

No copyrighted music can be used. If you purchase music for your video, you must include the proof of purchase with your submission. There are several websites where you can download copyright free music. If you do use products from these sites, please send a copy of the purchase receipt.

Upload your :30 PSA between February 1-22, 2018 at the Meijer Great Choices website. Upon approval, the :30 PSA(s) will be posted online, for the general public to vote. The voting period begins March 1 and goes through March 23. Teachers and the students are responsible to promote the public to vote for their PSA videos. Use social media to encourage your colleagues, classmates, friends and family to vote once each day during the voting period March 1-23. The top three PSA’s with the most votes win!  

The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival Committee will also choose one PSA from each category for a $200 Judges Choice Award! So there are four classroom grants per category.